The photos, featuring the beauty of a salt field in Khanh Hoa Province, a large field in Quang Ngai Province and the harvest season of hoa sung (water lily) in Long An, were captured by Vietnamese and foreign photographers via drones.

The Drone Photo Awards, which is a project under the Siena International Photo Awards, attracted a large number of aerial photographers.

Siena International Photo Award is a competition aimed at discovering and honouring the talent of photographers from around the world.

The 2019 event received nearly 48,000 photos by both professional and amateur photographers from 156 countries.

Some selections from Drone Photo Awards 2020:

After the harvest, buffaloes are free to forage on the vast plowing fields in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam. (Photo: Alex Cao)

The harvest season of water lily in Long An Province (Photo: Trung Pham Huy)