Opened on April 19, the exhibition is the continuation of a journey for Vietnamese-origin artists to explore their homeland that began in 2022. It is an opportunity for them to uncover their roots, discover their culture and express their identity. This exhibition offers a unique insight into the lives of these artists and their connection to their homeland. Through various art forms, they tell stories of their past, present and future. Visitors can also gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of Vietnam. It promises to be an inspiring and educational experience for all.

A vast number of visitors from diverse backgrounds and ages, particularly young Vietnamese, have flocked to the event.

On display are items reflecting typical things, landscapes, and images of the past. Traditional meals that connect family generations and traditional foods deeply intertwined with the memory of Vietnam and the Vietnamese identity are showcased, a reminder for parents to pass down these values to their future generations in the places they have settled.

Visitors are welcomed by a captivating urban landscape installation crafted from Vietnamese plastic stools, highlighting the psychogeography of migrant citizens. This thought-provoking display, crafted from hundreds of colorful stools, will leave lasting impressions on all who visit. It is a powerful reminder of the fascinating journeys of those who migrate to new places in search of a better life.

The main room features an array of object-based works displayed on a low white table, inviting viewers to sit on cozy bamboo carpets and interact with the pieces. This setup encourages viewers to connect with the artwork in a meaningful way.

A space featuring a traditional-style altar of Vietnamese people also shows visitors a typical image of the country.

The exhibition that also includes many workshops, tea parties, and food sharing will last through July 11.