The event, part of the programme titled “Ao Dai & Silk: A Journey Connecting Heritages”, will be held by the Embassy of Vietnam in Italy in order to mark 50 years of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and Italy.

It also aims to promote the value of cultural heritages between the two countries, thereby breathing new life into the contemporary fashion industry.

The Ao Dai collection is designed using the fabric of Vietnam Silk House, with the shiny silk yarn being produced in Bao Loc, a locality in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Italian models will show off Minh Hanh’s 100 Ao Dai designs and her latest fashion collection during the upcoming event.

Hanh was presented the Knight of Arts and Literature title by the French Government in 2006 for her contribution to promoting France-Vietnam cultural cooperation, particularly in the world of fashion, becoming the first Vietnamese designer to receive the title.