Ten Vietnamese publishing companies, including Kim Dong Publishing House and two other book companies, are showcasing their products at the festival as part of the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Singapore this year. With a variety of books, magazines, and other reading materials, the publishers are sure to have something for everyone to enjoy. Visitors to the festival can look forward to exploring the works of these companies, learning more about the culture and history of both Vietnam and Singapore, and finding some great new reads.

Many images of Kim Dong Publishing House’s books have been carefully chosen by the organising committee as the theme images for the AFCC (Asian Festival of Children’s Content). Notably, the image of De Men, which is familiar to many generations of Vietnamese children, was hand-picked by the organising board for visitors, especially children, to scan QR codes in order to witness virtual reality images.

Vietnam is set to participate in a range of workshops on education and reading culture among children, including one entitled “Publishing Translated Kidlit: Challenges and Opportunities”. This workshop will be attended by editor Le My Ai from Kim Dong Publishing House, along with lecturers Hendarto Setiadi from Indonesia and Tung Roh Suan from Singapore.

The creators of the Vietnamese children’s book “The Call of the Wild” will be sharing their inspirations and insights into the process of crafting their captivating stories. They will offer an insightful look into how they were able to create a narrative that resonates with young readers.

On May 28, the final day of the festival, get ready to celebrate the partnership between Vietnam and Singapore with a Vietnam Night! This event will feature art performances and the exchange of translated children’s books, making for a memorable experience.

The Vietnamese Publishers Association (VPA) is providing an exciting opportunity to introduce outstanding Vietnamese children’s literature publications to a global audience. Le Hoang, Vice Chairman of the VPA, commented that this festival is a great way to promote Vietnamese culture.

AFCC is the premier festival in Asia dedicated to children’s stories and young adult fiction. Featuring an array of exciting activities, such as discussion panels, presentations, workshops, lectures, masterclasses, networking sessions, and public programmes, AFCC promotes the creation and appreciation of children’s and young adult literature with a special emphasis on Asian themes.