Vietnam tank team advances to 2020 Tank Biathlon final

Finishes second in the semi-final, Vietnam tank team will play against Tajikistan, Myanmar and Laos in the 2020 Tank Biathlon finale on September 4.


vietnam tank team advances to 2020 tank biathlon final
Vietnam tank team on the semi-final (Photo: ADND)

The list of tank teams competing in the final of Round 2 was announced by the organizers after a three-hour-long stressful meeting on Thursday afternoon.

As reported by QDND, the referee board had carefully calculated the errors during the game and announced the achievements of the 5 teams in the semi-finals of Round 2.

Accordingly, Myanmar ranked first with a record of 2 hours 18 minutes 04 seconds and had shot down 9 out of 24 targets. Vietnam finished second after 2 hours 23 minutes 16 seconds, shot down 13 goals.

Meanwhile, Tajikistan, Lao, and Congo came in third, fourth, and fifth.

Vietnam tank team performance in the semi-final (Video: Zing News)

According to the tank Biathlon rules this year, the four teams with the best results will continue to compete in the final. Four teams, including Myanmar, Vietnam, Tajikistan ad Laos will pick up cards to choose team color and race order at Patriot Park in the suburbs of Moscow Friday morning.

The final match of Round 2 2020 Tank Biathlon is scheduled to take place at 3 pm in Moscow time (around 7 pm in Hanoi time) on September 4.

The tank race (Tank Biathlon) is part of the international military sport 2020 Army Games, which is taking place at Alabino Stadium, in the suburb of Moscow, Russia’s capital.

Tank Biathlon consists of 16 contestant teams, with Round 1 includes tank teams from Belarus, Serbia, Azerbaijan, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Kyrgyzstan. Vietnam team is among the Round 2 contestants, together with Myanmar, Qatar, South Ossetia, Laos, Tajikistan, Congo, and Abkhazia.