Van is passionate about popularizing improvised theater and believes in its positive values. She received a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in media in New York. Despite not pursuing a career in media, she switched to education in drama and is dedicated to spreading the benefits of improv theater to the world.

During her study abroad in 2017, Van was a well-known YouTuber with a channel called Van Possible. She decided to explore improvisation theater after a friend’s recommendation and initially found the idea of acting without a plan challenging. Intrigued by the concept, she extended her stay in the U.S. to delve deeper into this art form.

To support herself financially in New York, Van took on part-time jobs and worked at a theater for free in exchange for study hours. Despite the challenges of living in an expensive city and commuting for two hours every day, she was determined to learn from the top schools in improv theater.

Van endured difficult situations while commuting, including being assaulted. However, she found solace in the one-hour break she had to watch live improv acting. She appreciates improv theater for its ability to bring people closer together through frank and funny stories.

As the only foreign member in her class, Van received praise for her unique sincerity in acting. She believes that being calm and sincere is vital when you’re not fluent in the language and culture of a place. Improv theater allowed her to express her most honest thoughts and truest emotions.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Van had to leave New York in 2020 and continue her studies online. Despite the time zone difference and early study hours, she persevered. The positive impact of improv theater on her life motivated her to share it with others. She started teaching classes and generated significant interest, with students from various locations attending her sessions.

Van feels fortunate to be a pioneer of this novel art form in Vietnam. She adapts her lessons to the Vietnamese mindset and language to ensure a better understanding. Students like Thinh Tran Binh Sinh benefited from the class by gaining confidence, improving communication skills, and feeling more heard and respected.

Van believes that improv theater provides a safe environment for trauma survivors to share their stories and helps improve interpersonal skills. It encourages listening before speaking and fosters respect for others’ viewpoints. She firmly believes in the goodness and beauty within everyone and aims to create spaces where no one is criticized.

In addition to her acting classes, Van runs a podcast called Tam Ly Oi (Hello, Psychology) and has a background in international relations, marketing, journalism, and music. Her multifaceted experiences and dedication to improv theater make her an influential figure in the Vietnamese arts scene.

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