Unique traditional New Year of the Ha Nhi ethnic in the upstream of the Da River

The traditional New Year of Ha Nhi ethnic group in border communes of Muong Te district, Lai Chau province is a unique cultural feature of the Vietnamese ethnic community.


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The Ha Nhi ethnic group in Muong Te (Lai Chau) lives in the border communes of Ka Lang, Ta Ba, Thu Lu, and Mu Ca, in the watershed area of the Da River. (Photo: VOV)
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This is an ethnic group in Lai Chau that still retains many distinct cultural features, including traditional New Year, and usually held early in the October of lunar calendar. (Photo: VOV)
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The festival begins on the Thin day and ends on the day of Dragon in the 10th lunar month when people complete the crop. (Photo: VOV)
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Depending on the living conditions of each family, Ha Nhi people slaughter large or small pigs and consider this as the result of breeding in the year. (Photo: VOV)
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The slaughter of pigs for New Year is usually held in the early morning of the first day of Dragon, with the participation of all members of the family. (Photo: VOV)
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After slaughtering pigs, Ha Nhi people take the most delicious meat to serve their ancestors’ altar, as a report of family members’ work in the year. (Photo: VOV)
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According to Ha Nhi custom, the pig liver is kept intact so that the fortune teller can predict the family’s new year. (Photo: VOV)
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A good liver means a year of successful business and crop. (Photo: VOV)
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In addition to pork, the altar is also filled with sticky rice cakes made by the elderly, children and women in the family. (Photo: VOV)
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Elderly Ha Nhi people in Me Giong village, Ka Lang commune said that the sticky rice cake is often made big and round, showing the wealth of the family. (Photo: VOV)
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The traditional New Year of the Ha Nhi people in the border district of Muong Te, Lai Chau province is also an opportunity for people to have fun and reunite with their family members. (Photo: VOV)
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On this occasion, Ha Nhi woman put on their own traditional dresses, with the wish of a lucky new year. (Photo: VOV)
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The traditional New Year holiday of the Ha Nhi people upstream of the Da River in Muong Te district (Lai Chau) is a unique cultural feature in the Vietnamese ethnic community and has been preserved and promoted by the people here. (Photo: VOV)