Unique architecture of Kon Tum wooden church

More than 100 years ago, skillful carpenters from Quang Nam, Binh Dinh and Quang Ngai provinces created a unique wooden architectural work, without the use of any nails, in the Central Highland region.


The Kon Tum Wooden Cathedral in the Central Highland province of Kon Tum is considered a wooden masterpiece, built in a Roman style.

The cathedral is the harmonious combination of a church style and the traditional stilt house architecture of the Ba Na ethnic minority people.

The construction of the cathedral began in 1913 and was completed in 1918.

It consists of a palace of worship, a guest house, an area displaying ethnic and religious products, and a communal house. It is one of the most beautiful religious works in Vietnam.

Unique architecture of Kon Tum wooden church

The main material of the cathedral was “ca chit” wood, a kind of “sen do” (Shorea roxburghii) tree that was very popular in the Central Highlands in the past.

Some patterns on the door and columns of the cathedral.


Inside the church

The cathedral has become a favourite destination for visitors from around the country and abroad.

The cathedral was built in a Roman style.

Khieu Minh (Nhan Dan)