The post-harvest ritual is held annually by the Co Lao ethnic community in Tung San commune, Hoang Su Phi district to celebrate a bountiful harvest. Families often prepare boiled chicken and pork, and homemade agricultural products such as sticky rice, wine, and fruits as offerings to express gratitude to gods and ancestors.

They also pray for a new bumper crop with the favourable weather condition, happiness, and prosperity.

Meanwhile, the worshipping ceremony is the way the Red Dao people in Ho Thau commune, Hoang Su Phi district express their gratitude toward Ban Vuong, the patriarch of the 12 Dao clans.

Taking place between the fifteenth day of the tenth lunar month and the 30th day of the last lunar month, the event is also a ceremony praying for prosperity for the community.

With two recently added heritages, Ha Giang now has 27 national intangible cultural heritages, including six observed by very small ethnic minorities such as Bo Y, Lo Lo, Pu Peo, and Co Lao.