As scheduled, the exhibition will be held at Tu Tuong Park in Hue, providing a unique opportunity for visitors to gain an insight into the traditional costumes, photos of natural landscapes, cultures, beliefs, and people of the ASEAN member states. This showcase event will also serve to highlight the invaluable cultural heritage of this part of the world.

The exhibition seeks to contribute to the successful implementation of the project designed to achieve the goals of the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community by 2025. Additionally, it will help to implement the Government’s action programme on the promotion and propagandization of the regional bloc.

The event also aims to honor the traditional values of each country within the ASEAN community as a contribution to strengthening ties of connectivity, solidarity, and friendship throughout the region. Through this, ASEAN nations will be able to express their own unique cultural identities and build a strong foundation for a more unified and cooperative regional community.