Under a MInistry of Education and Training (MOET) regulation, beginning October 10, schools that have not enrolled enough students would be allowed to begin an additional enrolment campaign.

However, at noon October 5, many students unexpectedly heard that Thang Long University in Hanoi would begin its second enrolment campaign at 8 am on October 6.

The students who have high school final exam scores equal or higher than the floor marks set by the school just needed to submit the original certificate on high school finals results. The school would prioritize the students who applied first.

So, the students who failed the first enrollment campaign rushed to come to the school at night, waiting to make applications.

L.M.T, a parent in Hanoi, and his son arrived at the school at 11.30 pm. After reading the news that the school would enroll 710 more students based on the order of applications, they immediately left home to go to the school. When they arrived, 300 students were lined up.

By 8 am, when the school began receiving applications, over 3,000 students were in front of the school.

“It is the ‘first come first enrolled’ principle which caused the chaos. The school then decided to change the rule, announcing that it will enroll students based on their high school final exam results, from high to low scores,” T said.

Instead of the original document, the school decided to accept the copy of the certificates on high school finals results.

H.M.H, one of the students, told VietNamNet that he and his elder sister had been waiting there since 7 pm on October 5.

Prior to that, he had applied for seven majors of the National Economics University. With 26.95/30 score, H failed to enroll in all the majors. As he heard that Thang Long University also has similar training majors, he rushed to go there to seek an opportunity to the school.

“We had been waiting a long time until 2 pm on October 5, when the school announced the change in enrolment rules,” he said.

Ha Thi Thom, a parent from Yen Bai, commented that the enrolment method of the school is unprofessional, making people ‘cool their heels’ too long.

On October 6, MOET stated that Thang Long’s enrollment was contrary to regulations, affirming that schools can only begin their additional enrolment campaigns on October 10.

Thuy Nga, @Vietnamnet