Things to do in Hoi An in 24 hours

If you can only visit the ancient city of Hoi An (Quang Nam) for a day, you should not miss the exciting activities below.


Morning in Hoi An

Hoi An is a place where you should not take time to sleep. Instead, you should get up at 5am, walk around the old town, catch the dawn on An Hoi bridge, go to the market early to feel the peaceful rhythm of the local residents.

After that, you can enjoy dishes such as bread, sticky rice from a vendor on the sidewalk … then take a bike around the old town, or drop at the cafes that appeal to young people for their sweeping angle of the old town.

The famous check-in points of Hoi An are Cau Pagoda which appears on the VND20,000 banknote, the alley with a yellow wall, a boat trip on the Thu Bon River, Ba Mu Pagoda, and the Assembly Hall of Cantonese.

kham pha Hoi An trong mot ngay anh 1
kham pha Hoi An trong mot ngay anh 2

Photo: Thrivehoian.

What should you do at noon?

After a morning of sightseeing, noon is a time for you to rest, relax and regain strength for the next activities.

At this time, the sun is high, the temperature is at the highest, choosing a cool restaurant or bar to enjoy the cuisine is a reasonable suggestion. The famous specialties in Hoi An are cao lau, Quang noodles, chicken rice …

After lunch, you can choose a cafe to rest until the afternoon.

kham pha Hoi An trong mot ngay anh 3

Photo: Nana.phuonglinh, bb_foodie09.


Afternoon activities

You can start your journey to explore Hoi An from 3pm when the weather starts to cool down. This is the time to enjoy the famous snack paradise of the old town such as sweet porridges of various kinds, teas, and many kinds of cakes…

After one hour of walking, tasting many dishes, you can get in a car to move to other attractions such as the Bay Mau coconut forest, Hoi An Impression Park …

kham pha Hoi An trong mot ngay anh 4
kham pha Hoi An trong mot ngay anh 5

Photo: Bysofiaziani_, trung_acoustic97.

Evening in Hoi An

After walking in the park until the evening, you should not miss the opportunity to see the unique art show of Hoi An.

You can also go to the old town center to experience a boat ride, drop lanterns, admire the Hoi An lantern street, go to the night market …

kham pha Hoi An trong mot ngay anh 6
kham pha Hoi An trong mot ngay anh 7

Photo: Aim_weston17, _salimhwg.

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