The 2023 Da Nang International Fireworks Festival will take place in Da Nang City, central Vietnam from June 2 to July 8.

Two pyrotechnic teams from Vietnam and Finland will compete on the opening night of the fest, whose stage will sprawl along the eastern bank of the Han River.

The construction of the stage and grandstand area and the organization of the festival-themed ‘The World Without Gap’ is being sped up to let fireworks light up the night sky across the coastal city.

The stand is set to accommodate over 5,000 spectators, covering 9,500 square meters, while the stage is 62 meters long and 22 meters wide.

The large space of the grandstand will allow revelers to enjoy the fireworks displays and art performances comfortably, said the organizer of the fest.

Nadia Shakira Wong, director of fireworks organization consulting firm Global 2000, which is the producer of the 2023 fest, said that the event has paid off and attracted crowds of tourists to Da Nang.

In association with the festival since 2017, Wong said that the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival has become popular among domestic and international visitors.

Many pyrotechnic teams around the world have joined the fireworks competition since the fest was first launched in 2008, she said.

“Making a comeback after a three-year pause caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s festival is expected to revive the city’s tourism sector and bring people together,” she underscored.

Tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies were sold out, but this is an outdoor event, so tourists can watch fireworks shows at any location along the banks of the Han River, on any bridge, yacht, or in high-rise buildings.

Many high-rise riverside hotels have capitalized on the upcoming festival to offer observation views and special dishes to lure customers.

Tubes are erected and covered by canvases at a yard near the Han River. Photo: Son Doan / Tuoi Tre