Strengthening Vietnam-Romania Bond Through Music

A classical party was held in Hanoi as a way to promote cultural exchange between two nations.


Hanoi’s audiences last weekend had the opportunity to experience a stunning classical music feast called the Harmonia Concert, which was inspired by the name of Harmonia, the immortal Greek goddess of harmony and concord.

The Harmonia concert has brought many emotional impressions to Hanoian audiences. Photo: Thu Hien 

The works for choir, piano, and chamber ensembles by composers Serban Nichifor (Romania) and Dang Huu Phuc (Vietnam) enthralled music lovers in the capital when they performed a classical concert at the Vietnam National Academy of Work. Audiences were captivated by their amazing music, leaving them with a lasting impression of the concert.

The concert, the result of six months of meticulous preparation by conductor Pham Hoang Trung and pianist Hoa Ngoc Ha – both lecturers at the National Art University – was a success. The audience praised their performance, leaving with praise on their lips for the hard work put in by the duo. It was clear to everyone that the months of dedication had paid off, creating an unforgettable show for all involved.

In addition to coordinating with the university, the valuable support of the Romanian Embassy in Vietnam was integral to the success of the program.

At the concert, the young pianist Luu Duc Anh performed Sergei Rachmaninov’s Piano Sonata No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 36. He was accompanied by Hoa Ngoc Ha, a Master of Piano Performance graduate from the National University of Music in Bucharest, Romania, as they performed the four-hand piano composition, “Spring,” by Dang Huu Phuc.

Pham Hoang Trung, conductor of Harmonia Concert in Hanoi. Photo courtesy of the event’s organisation committee 

Other acclaimed artists, such as violist My Huong Tra Do, soprano singer Do Vu Lan Nhung, and young pianist Pham Hoang Khanh, delivered awe-inspiring performances of masterpieces by Sergei Rachmaninov, Max Bruch, Johann Strauss, and other renowned composers.

Cristina Romila, Ambassador of Romania to Vietnam, declared that the concert was extraordinary due to its inclusion of renowned compositions from both Romania and Vietnam.

Cristina Romila, Ambassador of Romania to Vietnam, said the concert was special because it featured wonderful pieces of music by famous composers from Romania and Vietnam.

“It is especially remarkable,” she declared, “that these works are being performed by Vietnamese artists who have graduated from Romanian institutions.”

“They are tremendous cultural ambassadors,” she added. “By using music, Romanians and Vietnamese have an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of one another, helping to further strengthen the bond between the two countries.”

Artist Hoa Ngoc Ha said that she and her fellow artists had exerted considerable effort into delivering the show to the audience.

“My ardent hope for the future is to see more concerts on a bigger scale,” she declared.

The Harmonia Concert has brought many emotional impressions to the audience and contributed to spreading the beauty of choral and chamber ensemble art to the Vietnamese public. The event was an incredible success, with audience members being captivated by the stunning performances of the choirs and instrumentalists. The concert featured a collection of classical masterpieces, folk melodies, and modern compositions, giving the audience a chance to experience the full range of musical styles. After the show, audience members expressed their admiration for the sheer talent and virtuosity of the performers. The Harmonia Concert was truly a memorable experience that will remain in the hearts of all those who attended.

Cristina Romila, Ambassador of Romania to Vietnam, attended the Harmonia Concert. Photo courtesy of the event organizing committee
Pianists Luu Duc Anh (right) and Hoa Ngoc Ha (left) performed the music piece “Spring” by Vietnamese composer Dang Huu Phuc.
 Audiences to the Harmonia Concert.