The beauty of salt fields

Hon Khoi salt fields, which may be the biggest of its kind in Vietnam, cover more than 400 hectares spanning Ninh Thuy, Ninh Diem, Ninh Hai and Ninh Tho districts in Khanh Hoa Province. The centuries-old salt fileds provide the source of living for thousands of people in the four districts. Yet salt workers, both men and women, toil day in day out on the fields as they have to labor under the baking sun and chilly sea winds from sunup to sundown. The product of these salt fields are said figuratively to have its flavor from not only the white salt but also workers’ sweat.

The vast Hon Khoi Salt Field is seen from above – PHOTOS: HAI DUONG
Salt workers starting their day
A group of salt farmers are collecting salt
Mounds of salt under the sun
Local women carrying baskets full of salt…
…to big salt hills