"Welcome Tet with VTV 2022 – Flowers Will Bloom" has been themed on the Japanese song "Hana wa Saku" – a song composed in memory of the 18,500 victims of the 2011 earthquake in Japan. 10 years after its release, the song is still being adapted into many different languages with a clear, gentle melody that carries the sound and meaning of an optimistic and positive spirit. In the same spirit of bringing positive colours after the gloominess of 2021 passed, "Flowers Will Bloom" was chosen as the theme link to tell the story of the New Year’s journey with VTV 2022.

Programme implementation team.

The program has been built with a combination of stage and outdoor reportage, taking the audience in turn through 5 chapters corresponding to 5 senses from the perspective of a seed.

Journalist Truong Anh Ngoc and character experience Alushka Linh in an outdoor scene.

This year’s programme has the participation of young people who create content on digital platforms such as Trang Hi, Vlog 1977, Food Bloggers, and two characters who experience the outdoors, journalist Truong Anh Ngoc, and South African girl Alushka Linh.

Through art performances, meticulously invested MV, and experienced reportages made in many places, "Welcome Tet with VTV 2022 – Flowers Will Bloom" promises to convey a joyful atmosphere and positive message on New Year’s Day.

The program is scheduled for broadcast at 8 pm on February 1 (the 1st of the Lunar New Year) on channel VTV3.