Son Tung M-TP, first Vietnamese artist to enter Billboard’s LyricFind Global chart

His music video “Hay Trao Cho Anh” (Give It To Me) has made V-pop prince Son Tung MT-P the first Vietnamese artist to make it to the Billboard’s LyricFind Global chart.


Son Tung MTP and Snoop Dogg in the music video (Photo: Captured)
Son Tung MTP and Snoop Dogg in the music video (Photo: Captured)

“Hay Trao Cho Anh” ranks second after Filipino-pop group SB19’s “Wag Mong Ikunot Ang Iyong Nooon.”

The chart ranks the top-trending lyric searches through LyricFind’s syndication service, according to the U.S.-based music magazine Billboard.

As reported by VNE, Tung’s MV features rapper Snoop Dogg and stars American singer Madison Beer. It was released in July 2019 and reached one million views within just eight minutes and two million in 14 minutes, becoming the fastest Vietnamese music video to reach these thresholds.

The song blends several popular genres like the trendy Latin dance music reggaeton, tropical house and hip-hop. In the video, Son Tung plays a rich man living a luxurious life in a mansion with pretty girls surrounding him, but lacks happiness. He meets his love interest, played by Madison Beer, at a party one day and falls for her at first sight. The MV was shot in Los Angeles.

Music video “Give it to me” (Video: MTP – Entertainment)

Son Tung M-TP, real name Nguyen Thanh Tung, born in 1994 in Thai Binh Province, began his professional career in HCM City in 2011 and quickly became a breakout star in the Vietnamese music industry, especially with the young for his talents. At 26, he already has a slew of hits as well as many accolades, including an MTV Europe Music Award and inclusion in the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Vietnam.

Tung released his first single in 2013 at the age of 19 and has since become one of the biggest pop stars in Vietnam. His music is a fusion of traditional Vietnamese music, K-Pop and U.S.-U.K. pop.

Son Tung M-TP began his professional career in HCM City in 2011 (Photo: Vietnamnet)
Son Tung M-TP began his professional career in HCM City in 2011 (Photo: Vietnamnet)

Earlier in August, Son Tung MTP’s SkyTour documentary reaches unexpected achievements as it gets way into Netflix international trending list just 24 hours after being released.

According to Lost Bird, Sky Tour: The Movie by Son Tung M-TP was broadcast on a global scale from September 2. This is the first time a piece of Vietnamese documentary music movie has been released in 190 countries and the second music documentary film in Asia to be allowed “on-air” by Netflix globally, after the one produced by Japanese group Arashi.

Due to the strong influence of Son Tung in Vietnam, the film quickly reached the top 1 trending on Netflix homepage. Even more surprisingly, after 24 hours of release, the film climbed to Netflix’s top “Trending now” and the top “Popular on Netflix”, far exceeding the producing team’s expectation.

This is a really proud achievement for the SKY TOUR team in particular and the Vietnamese cinema industry in general. However, this result is not too surprising because Son Tung’s influence on the international market was already formed.

On the list of Popular on Netflix, Sky Tour is ranked 5th, standing next to Dark and Lucifer. In order to be on this list, a movie must have a very high total number of views compared to the total airtime.