Shimmering beauty of Cau Hai Lagoon

The Tam Giang - Cau Hai Lagoon area is considered an ideal place to experience part of the beautiful scenery and life on the river.


Tam Giang – Cau Hai Lagoon is the largest and most abundant brackish water ecosystem in Southeast Asia with a total water surface area of about 216 square kilometres; it can take many years to explore all of it. Many tours advertise the sunset over the lagoon as the most beautiful. Someone said, the sunrise in the area is the best.

Shimmering beauty of Cau Hai Lagoon

The last moment of the day in Cau Hai Lagoon.

On the boat attached for many years with the family of fisherman Nguyen Van Ty. Previously, the whole family lived on the boat and all activities took place there. As life improved, they built a house in the village, the boat is now only a means of visiting fish cages and going to the market. Recently, the boat has added a “mission” to welcome tourists who want an overnight experience on the boat.

In the early morning, even though it was summer, fog still hovered over the water. The shadow of the boat loomed. In the distance are undulating mountains. The scene appears like an ink painting. Although the sun has not yet risen, the boats are already busy.

There is a small market right by the shore, operating from past midnight. Fishermen and small traders gather here to buy and sell fresh fish and shrimp that have just been hauled in from the lagoon. In addition to the seafood area, the market also has rows of food stalls that don’t lack anything, with items such as rice noodles, noodle soup, and Banh Chung (square glutinous rice cake).

The sky gradually brightens. The entire space of the sky, clouds, and water turns orange-pink, signalling that the sun is about to shine.


The red sun brings light and warmth spreading throughout a vast river, clearly illuminating the huts and the “forest” of fish and shrimp cages of fishermen.

The sun rises high, its golden like pouring like honey. However, the air is still cool, fresh, and not sultry.

A corner of Cau Hai Lagoon seen from Tuy Van Mountain (about 60 metres high). Boats create vivid images and sounds to welcome the new day.

Tu Hien Sea Gate was formerly known as Tu Dung Gate, associated with a beautiful legend about Princess Huyen Tran. It has a gentle beach and smooth, unspoiled sands.

Seashells and small snails are scattered on the coast of Tu Hien. As the place where the river mouth flows into the sea with mountains and villages, Cau Hai Lagoon – Tu Hien Estuary has a lot of potential for developing eco-tourism.

Source: Nhan Dan