Within the framework of the event, people were offered a chance to learn about the founding history of Vietnam’s water puppetry and outstanding characters through a video.

Another video told a story about the altar in a Vietnamese village’s temple where its founders or contributors are worshipped.

The third video featured different Buddha statues in Vietnam. Vietnam’s lacquer paintings were also introduced to visitors on this occasion.

On May 28 and 30, on the museum’s YouTube account, Albina Legostaeva, the museum’s expert on Vietnam collections, delivered online lectures on Vietnam’s lacquer paintings and famous Vietnamese heroines as well as the image of Vietnamese women in the 19th century and the early 20th century in the eyes of foreigners.

Via VKLive platform, the museum told fair tales of Vietnam for children and broadcast songs played with the country’s traditional instruments via Yandex platform.

The Vietnam Week served as a cultural bridge giving Russians an insight into the Southeast Asian nation’s culture.