Quang Ninh affirms brand of OCOP products

As the leading province nationwide in the implementation of the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program, the OCOP products of Quang Ninh Province have drawn consumers and tourists across the country.

quang ninh affirms brand of ocop products

Binh Lieu vermicelli, one of the outstanding OCOP products of Quang Ninh Province

Affirming the brand

After six year implementation, Quang Ninh Province has mobilized more than VND500 billion to support the development of products under the program, which has yielded clear effectiveness in terms of creating jobs, increasing incomes, developing sustainable forms of production, changing consumer habits towards buying more Vietnamese goods, and creating high quality goods and services. Many localities have developed brands based on promoting fully their advantages and potential, such as Co To cutter fish, Binh Lieu vermicelli, Tan An eggs, Ha Long fried cutter meat, and Hoanh Bo flowers.

Quang Ninh’s Department of Industry and Trade said in 2019 that it continues to coordinate with the provincial board on new-style rural area building to expand and improve the quality of local OCOP and outstanding agricultural products. Thus, as of November 2019, Quang Ninh had developed 421 OCOP products, including 195 meeting 3-5 star standards. These products are widely introduced and sold at OCOP points of sale, commercial centers and supermarkets inside and outside the province.

OCOP products are much in demand by tourists coming to Quang Ninh Province. Many trade promotion events were organized to promote consumption of the commodities, such as the OCOP Quang Ninh Spring 2019 fair attracting more than 45,600 visitors with revenues of the local booths at nearly VND6.5 billion. The Quang Ninh OCOP Consumption Week 2019 with the participation of 40 enterprises and cooperatives selling nearly 200 OCOP products attracted over 50,000 arrivals, with tourists accounting for over 80 percent.

Bringing OCOP products closer to tourism sector

Quang Ninh’s Department of Industry and Trade worked with Ha Long City, Co To and Van Don Districts which are the province’s leading tourism destinations on the construction of traditional markets and supermarkets selling seafood products to serve tourists. Co To District has built Co To market with 238 fixed points of sale near Co To port and also set up other mobile points of sale for OCOP products. Meanwhile, Van Don District is making preparations to build a center introducing OCOP products and a supermarket selling local seafood and agricultural products on an area of 1,000sq.m, near Cai Rong Port – a favorable place for tourists to buy the commodities.

The Department has also supported enterprises, cooperatives and households in selling their products to hotels, restaurants and supermarkets inside and outside the province. It also helped local enterprises advertise products and expand markets through application of e-commerce and/or participation in OCOP trade fairs. These activities helped promote and turn Quang Ninh’s OCOP products into tourism products.

To expand the distribution and consumption market for OCOP products, the Quang Ninh’s Department of Industry and Trade recommended that the province’s OCOP Steering Committee direct OCOP steering committees at district and city level to assume serious management of 3-star OCOP products or higher. It also asked the provincial departments, sectors and localities to coordinate with big business groups, travel companies, airlines and the media to integrate the promotion of local specialties into their tourism promotion programs.

The OCOP program has contributed to developing concentrated production, creating higher added value

products as part of the provincial agriculture restructuring and serving tourism development of Quang Ninh


Hoa Quynh & Duc Long