Under the project, young artists will be provided with a budget as well as spaces and an environment to create new contemporary and experimental music compositions.

Themed “Connecting heritages”, the project will support four or five young musicians and groups of artists to approach and learn about the traditional forms of arts such as Tuong (classical drama), Cheo (traditional opera), Cai luong (reformed theatre), Ca tru (ceremonial singing) and Chau van (spiritual singing).

The project will receive the support and accompaniment of many famous musicians and artists.

The project will be implemented from April to October and the new compositions will be introduced in Hanoi. The most outstanding works are expected to be performed at the 2021 Hanoi New Music Festival.

The Dom Dom Experimental Music and Arts Centre is a non-profit organisation which was formed by musician Tran Kim Ngoc, aiming to support and encourage activities to develop contemporary and experimental music as well as to connect with other art forms.