The programme featuring traditional culture, customs, and Lunar New Year celebrations of ethnic groups nationwide is among a series of events hosted by the village this month to celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (1930-2020).

The highlights of the programme include the restaging of ‘khay ha luong’, a traditional ritual to pray for good luck for the New Year of Thai people in Son La province, as well as an arts exchange honouring the spring time of Mong ethnic people.

In addition, there are performances introducing traditional musical instruments of ethnic groups living in the Central Highlands region, including gongs and bamboo-made xylophones of Central Highlanders such as dinh gong, ding put, and t’rung.

Visitors to the programme are also invited to taste delicious local dishes and take part in exciting folk games and cultural activities, such as ‘Xoe’ dance, bamboo pole dance, and ‘pao’ (cloth ball) throwing.