The drug was recently detected by police of District 5. The case was reported to the Ho Chi Minh City Police Agency.

Police arrested Nguyen Tien Dat, 31, from An Giang province to investigate the acts of “illegal trading drugs”. Dat is currently a student at a university in Ho Chi Minh City.

Dat was arrested with a package with the words “Cripy Fruit Mango”, which contained a yellow powder, suspected as narcotics. The yellow powder was later identified as a solid drug, bromazepam type, with a total weight of 17,6798gr.

Dat confessed that he received 4 packs of “Cripy Fruit Mango” from a person in Nha Be District to deliver to customers. Dat was arrested while delivering a pack to a woman in District 5.

Dat said drug users can mix the yellow powder with water. Such drugs are mainly aimed at the young, or students, according to police.

Loại ma túy 'nước Xoài' chưa từng có vừa bị phát hiện ở TP.HCM

In medical treatment, Bromazepam belongs to the group of psychotropic drugs Benzodiaxepine. Bromazepam is used only under the prescription of a doctor because it can cause addiction. It is used to reduce stress, anxiety, to sedate, induce sleep, relax muscles.

Bromazepam has a lot of side effects. Doctors usually prescribe for adults 6-18mg and divided into several doses. The effectiveness and safety of this substance for people under 18 years old has not been proven so far.

If Bromazepam is used for a long time, it causes many harmful effects such as: chattering, fast heart rate, hallucinations, sweating, fear without reason, hot-tempered, generating feelings of hatred, loss of control of behavior.

By Trang Nguyen, Vietnamnet