The project was implemented by the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Art Studies and the International Information and Networking Centre for ICH in the Asia-Pacific region under the auspices of UNESCO (ICHCAP).

The launching ceremony took place in virtual form with the participation of representatives from UNESCO, ICHCAP, five partners in Asia-Pacific and 70 organisations and experts from 40 countries.

‘ichLinks’ is a long-term project with a main focus on developing a platform to share information on intangible cultural heritages in Asia-Pacific to member countries such as Vietnam, Mongolia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India and Fiji in the coming time.

The ichLinks platform with sample data of intangible cultural heritages from seven member countries in March 2021.

Researchers, practitioners, policy makers and others can easily find and locate information and searchable content about intangible cultural heritages through the ichLinks platform with the support of high digital technologies.

In addition, they can use this information and content to promote their cultural heritages while creating opportunities for heritage exploitation towards socio-economic development.