One notable aspect of the event is that the Romanian paintings are form a variety of eras, with images from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries displaying a wide range of styles.

Indeed, the majority of painters from the Eastern European nation study art in either in the Romanian capital of Bucharest or Paris, France, which explains how their unique style combines elements of modernism with a traditional style.

Visitors to the exhibition can enjoy the sight of artworks produced by three great Romanian painters, including Nicolae Grigorescu, 1838 to 1907, Ion Andreescu, 1850 to 1882, and Henri Catargi, 1894 to 1976.

In addition, a number of remarkable artworks produced by Madame Van Tuong Thanh, widely considered to be the best Vietnamese contemporary painter, are also on display to offer a truly innovative perspective on the history of modern Vietnamese art.