The composition campaign was launched in July 2021 and attracted the participation of many professional and amateur artists from around the country.

The organising board presented A, B, C and consolation prizes to the most outstanding entries in the seven fields of: literature, music, stage, dance, photography, fine arts, and cinema.

The entries focused on COVID-19 prevention and control with the stories of real people as well as the meaningful works and actions by the collectives, organisations and individuals while responding to the Government’s call for fight against the pandemic.

The works also reflected the sacrifices of the frontline forces as well as encouraged and promoted solidarity and mutual affection throughout the whole nation.

The organising board received 1,877 works including 617 in literature, 946 in music, 56 in stage, 10 in dance, 159 in fine arts, 82 in photography, and 7 in cinema.

At the awards ceremony, audiences had the chance to enjoy several outstanding works featuring the participation of many famous artists and singers.