Despite the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, Xuan passionately implemented the project “Mot trieu ban tay cham toi Cello” (One million hands touching the Cello) in 2020. During last year, Dinh Hoai Xuan also launched her classical music products including the album “Ja vstretil vas” (I Meet You), album “Salut d’Amour” (Hello love) and the video “Giot nuoc mat cua Jaccqueline” (Tears of Jaccqueline).

She granted an interview with Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper’s reporter to share about her activities and plans.

Q: Many classical music artists are selected to stay the host countries following their study abroad because they can easily develop their artistic careers. Whey did you return to the homeland?

A: I think if I create a path for myself, I can develop my career wherever. Returning home, I have just conducted international projects as well as looking for harmony between Vietnamese folk music and Western classical music. This will bring domestic audiences closer to classical music while helping international audiences love Vietnamese traditional arts more. That was my general direction. In the domestic environment, I can also do many things such as introducing classical music and the cello to students in various regions through the project “One million hands touching the Cello” and inviting international artists to perform in the “Cello Fundamento concerts” in Vietnam.

Q: Many people said that the conditions of theatres and domestic music environment were not favourable for classical musicians. What do you think about this assessement?

A: I see that the musical environment and other conditions in general have caused many disadvantages for classical music artists. However, this art form always has a persistent and deep “flow” in the audiences’ hearts and tend to positively develop as many talented faces have been determined to enthusiastically dedicate themselves to the country’s classical music. Happily, audience numbers have increased their knowledge is getting deeper.

Q: What advantages and disadvantages do you face during your artistic activities in the country?

A: There are many difficulties. However, I chose my own path so I have to find solutions by myself. I do not currently teach or work in any agency because I think that each artist has a unique direction to devote themselves to. I carved out my own path with projects developed by myself and tried to complete those projects. The advantage is that I am living and working in my homeland, so I have been encouraged by a great internal spiritual driving force.

Q: The COVID-19 pandemic may not be fully under control yet. Could you share with us about measures that can help artists develop their careers?

A: It has been very wonderful for me to perform to hundreds of audience members. However, when my activities were suspended, I spent time practicing more to solidify my qualifications. Everything will be like a spring, more compressed the greater its force is exerted. I have tried to adapt to the situation and blend into “digital music flow” through digital transformation projects that have been applied successfully across the world. If classical music artists in Vietnam do not apply early, the possibility of falling behind is certain.

Q: What are your plans related to teaching classical music knowledges to younger generations in addition to your performances?

A: I still practice and release products and albums as well as conducting many projects that create great spread into the community and inspire young people. Teaching may be later because no one can do so many things at the same time.

Q: In addition to music, you have become an ambassador for the environmental protection. Will you combine this issue with your music to spread the message of environmental protection?

A: When I accepted the coordination with Monitor and talented young director Vu Hai Nam, I knew that it was very significant because I think that environmental protection is the protection of our dearest things. We will jointly implement many activities among the community, notably classical music programmes for the environment that are expected to be held in Hue this year. In addition, I aim to convey the message of environmental protection to students. Isn’t it wonderful to live and breathe in a safe, clean and beautiful environment and listen to immortal classical pieces?

Thank you very much!