According to traditions, Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a festive day for children but also an occasion for family members to gather together.

In the evening, the whole family gathers around a feast tray while children join a lantern parade and play folk games. People also enjoy moon cakes, drink tea, and admire the full moon together.

Open to the public via websites and, the display aims to help visitors and children in particular experience a safe Mid-Autumn Festival full of joy and cheer.

The online exhibition will feature photos and stories about the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival.

Notably, a feast tray as prepared by Hanoians for the celebration in early 20th century will be reproduced with reference to paintings and writings by French researcher Henri Oger as well as Vietnamese writers Nguyen Tuan, Phan Ke Binh, and Vu Bang.

Works on display will also include a diverse range of traditional toys for Mid-Autumn Festival recreated by skilful artisans from Hanoi’s Old Quarter and craft villages.

In addition, visitors can watch videos featuring talks by historian Le Van Lan, who will reveal interesting stories about the traditional full-moon celebration in the olden days.