With only occasional small spikes in cases being from repatriated citizens, the Prime Minister stressed that Vietnam will continually remain on high alert. During the address on COVID-19 prevention and control measures, it was raised that Vietnam has been over 70 days without any new community infections, thus stringent measures will be continually taken as the country remains on “high alert”.

Addressing the probable economic impact of a severely reduced tourism sector, the Prime Minister also ensured the cabinet of objectives to both protect public health and promote economic development through allowing limited amounts of foreign investors and overseas experts into Vietnam, as well as allowing Vietnamese workers to travel abroad as and when necessary.

Wednesday’s announcement does not mark a change from the sentiment adhered to by the government since borders closed back in March, and serves more as a means of reiterating such rules to ensure that the restrictions are understood, many have been expecting the Vietnamese government to reopen borders in line with partial reopening of international borders and tourism sectors throughout Europe and some parts of Asia.

Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc

The PM also addressed the possibility of reopening international flights, but pointed out that in order for such a measure to be taken, the status of the virus in each country must be considered so that flights can be resumed or stopped in regards to the constantly changing global situation.