While the book’s title is a reference to the game of chess, that doesn’t mean that it is only suitable for those who like to play the boardgame, in fact the book is suitable for anyone of any age.

In total, the book is a collection of 13 stories written by Nguyen Huy Du, an information technology expert, and Nguyen Huu Huan, a chess coach, who both have a keen interest in literature.

Overall, the work features a collection of bright, joyful stories that are suitable for children and are told through chess pieces and chess games.

Some of the story titles featured throughout the book include, “Immortal warriors”, “Why are the chess pieces black and white?”, “The richest man in the kingdom of Babylon”, “A stupid move”, “The arrogant grandmaster”, “The draw move”, and “Why is there a queen on the chess board?”.

Each of the stories has been written to stimulate the imagination of children, while encouraging positive traits such as intelligence, courage, and compassion. Moreover, they also convey a series of meaningful messages regarding family members, adults, and contemporary society.

Along with the print version of the book, a digital version will also be available through ubase.vn, together with an online chess app which allows users to play against Vietnamese grandmasters.

As co-author, Du says that 51% of all profits from the first printing of 5,000 books will be donated to a literacy scheme aimed at children living in remote, border, and island areas.