Mang Den, an attractive eco-tourism destination in Kon Tum

Mang Den is a small town surrounded by mountains and rich forest flora. It has a cool and mild mountainous climate all year round and is home to the Mang Den national eco-tourism area in Kon Tum Province.

Mang Den, an attractive eco-tourism destination in Kon Tum
Children play in the of near Mang Den Town. — Photo

Mang Den, which belongs to Kon Plong District, is a plateau in the Truong Son mountain range, at an altitude of 1,200m above sea level.

We arrived in Mang Den on a beautiful day. The highland was filled with steep hillsides and clusters of smoke from the small houses that mixed in with the fog. 

A coach took us from Kon Tum City early in the morning, before a smaller bus took us straight to Mang Den Town. Many buses run this route every day. You can tell your destination to the driver and they will stop at a spot most convenient to you.

The bus ride is like a short tour in itself. You can see the passes down in the valley and the misty sky over the mountain top above. 

Mang Den, an attractive eco-tourism destination in Kon Tum
Young tourists in the Mang Den national eco-tourism area. — Photo

Imposing nature

Located about 60km northeast of Kon Tum City, Mang Den’s topography is very diverse, including many gentle hills, green pine forests, a system of gentle rivers and streams, many poetic lakes and majestic waterfalls. 

In the past, Mang Den was not well known with a population of just 7,000, mainly Bana, people living in a few sparse villages in the valleys and hillsides.

However, Mang Den has a special geographical position. It is located on an arterial road connecting the Bờ Y border gate with the central coastal provinces. It is also a ‘green road’ for a long-term tourism strategy from the mountains to the sea and islands, from the coast to Cambodia.

Similar to its natural conditions, the inhabitants of Măng Đen are quite diverse; many ethnic groups, such as Xê Đăng, Mơ Nâm, Ka Dong and Hre, have lived together since ancient times. Although they share similarities, each ethnic group has its own distinct culture. They converge together to the sound of gongs in the festive season.

Visiting Mang Den, you can visit Kon Pring Culture and Tourism Village, Đam Bri Lake, Pa Sỹ Waterfall, Êban Farm and Thien My Farm.

Mang Den, an attractive eco-tourism destination in Kon Tum
Pa Sy Waterfall is a popular destination in the journey of discovering Mang Den. — Photo

“Second Da Lat” of Central Highlands


With a cool year-round climate and average temperatures of 16-20 degrees Celsius, Mang Den is known as the ‘second Da Lat’ of the Central Highlands, as it is also a plateau with vast valleys and pine forests. Its beauty is both sad and romantic.

According to the People’s Committee of Kon Plong District, in the early decades of the 20th century the French came to Mang Den to survey and plant pine trees, with the intention of building a resort on this land.

We also visited the statue of Virgin Mary and saw the beautiful architecture of Mang Den Church, with anecdotes about the epiphany. You can also visit Khanh Lam Pagoda with 18 arhats of different shades.

In recent years, spiritual-cultural tourism has developed, becoming an important highlight in the overall eco-tourism of the town. That advantage is placed in the natural scenery, with the masterpieces of the mountains and forests. 

After conquering nearly 200 steps to admire Pa Sy Waterfall, which is formed from the two largest streams of Mang Den, we found water that was cool and soft. We enjoyed a delicious cuisine of grilled chicken and dried bamboo shoot salad. Sipping a cup of coffee in the chilly weather and watching the houses on stilts looming in the mist is also wonderful.

Mang Den, an attractive eco-tourism destination in Kon Tum
Grilled chicken and bamboo-tube rice, a favourite dish in Mang Den. — Photo

Hunting clouds at Mang Den

In the early morning, when the day still hasn’t woken, you can easily catch beautiful scenes in the town. The vaporous rays of light through each canopy of forest trees, the first rays of sunlight and clouds floating in the air made us strangely captivated. The whispers of the pine forest and the clouds spreading across the path create a picture of nature that is poetic and vivid.

The journey to hunt clouds in Mang Den is not too difficult. We spent time trekking Ngoc Le mountain to hunt for the clouds. They float beside and below the mountain tops, so close it felt like we could touch them.

Mang Den is lyrical and dreamy, mysterious and far away, but close enough for travellers. Winter is coming, why not come to Mang Den?

Source: Vietnam News