Local airlines raise management fees

Some local air carriers such as Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines, Vasco and Bamboo Airways will increase their management fees by up to VND100,000 per passenger.


Local airlines raise management fees

Carriers of Vietnam Airlines Group, including Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines and Vasco, will raise their management fees by VND100,000 to VND350,000-450,000 per passenger for all domestic flights from May 9.

Bamboo Airways will raise management fees by VND90,000 to VND460,000 for groups of passengers and to VND410,000 for individual passengers from May 10.

The airline will not raise the fees for some special groups of passengers and combos valid before May 10, including Combo Chill, business card and trip card.

The latest fee adjustments of local airlines were made in the second quarter of 2020. Low-cost carrier Vietjet raised its management fee to VND310,000 per ticket. Bamboo Airways raised its fee from VND210,000 to VND320,000 per ticket, while that of Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines increased to VND350,000 from VND250,000 per ticket.


At present, the domestic airfares comprise ticket, value added tax, screening fee, passenger service fee, management fee and fuel surcharge.

Value added tax is fixed and will be sent to the State budget. Screening fee and passenger service fee will be submitted to the management units of airport facilities, while management fees vary from one airline to the other.