Kitaguchi Haruki’s Love for Vietnamese Football

With his great love for Vietnam, Kitaguchi Haruki, a Japanese football coach, arrived in Ho Chi Minh City to implement a project on teaching football to kids. Not only does he provide the kids with football skills and techniques, the 31 year-old coach also helps them develop good character and become responsible and useful citizens.

After graduating from the Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences in Japan, Kitaguchi Haruki has worked for six years at the department for developing non-profit community football of Amitie SC, a Japanese football club. He had the task of carrying out a survey in a series of Southeast Asian countries for projects on teaching kindergarteners football and he selected Ho Chi Minh City because it is a dynamic city with friendly people.

To start the project, Kitaguchi Haruki went to kindergartens in Ho Chi Minh City’s outskirts to teach football free of charge. Then he opened classes where parents register for their children and pay fees. So far, he has organised 13 classes of 365 students in the inner city and the suburbs. The project also attracts a large number of Japanese volunteers who assist Kitaguchi Haruki in teaching.

The most interesting part of the training method practiced by coach Haruki is the approach to help kids become aware of discipline, self-reliance and to have proper behavior towards adults and the community. Through his lessons, children learn to say hello or goodbye loudly; to be patient ; not to fight over something; to stand in line to wait for their turn; to stand up on their own after falling down without crying or waiting for help from others.

Coach Kitaguchi Haruki has worked for six years at Amitie SC, a Japanese football club.

Children listen in concentration to Japanese volunteers’ lectures of football’s techniques.

Children are excited with the football skills performed by their coach Kitaguchi Haruki.

He wholeheartedly guides basic technique to the children.

Japanese volunteers assist Kitaguchi in teaching.

Both the coach and children are utterly dedicated to practicing lesson.

All lessons are alwaysexciting.

Through football, he wants to give the children passion and social awareness.

Kids become aware of discipline and self-reliance during lessons.

A kid is fascinated withhis ball.

Sentimental moment of the coach and his pupil.

He also teaches the children not to fight over something; to stand in line to wait for their turn.

According to the young coach, football is a team sport, so it requires working together. Through teaching football, he wants to help the children develop their dignity and become good people who always care about others and the community

Story: Nguyen Oanh – Photos: Thong Hai