Many prefer to continue in the same line of work and are afraid that if they try to make any changes, that is, take risks in some other sector of employment, they will end up falling into a worse situation than they already are.

However, if you risk switching branches, they can bring you several positive points. Even more, if you choose the right location to work, it may be that in the place where you live, following such a branch may seem like a bad idea and cause you harm. However, there may be countries like Vietnam where you may end up growing even more and acquiring a better quality of life than you currently have.

This article has been inspired by this story “From a Banker to an Entrepreneur moving to Vietnam”.

Initial difficulties: why you can consider expatriate?

You have to keep in mind that when you change your type of work, it will not be on the first day that you will start earning much more than you did before. In the beginning, you may have the idea that you are working more and are still receiving less, but this is quite common because you will be working in a career that you were used to.

But over time you will get used to your career and you will begin to see that, no matter how long you have been working, you will have the opportunity to earn even more than before. They will have jobs that you will spend every day thinking about him, and because of this, you should invest a lot of time in your career.

We can cite as an example, people who worked in high-paying corporate professions, such as strategy consultants, bankers, and business lawyers, will not be prepared to start a new career overseas different from the ones they were already used to and which would involve a significant loss in their salary.

Being an entrepreneur and work on your own projects

A good option to be migrating is for the entrepreneurial career. But you must not go thinking that this type of profession will be easy to be carried out, this type of work is quite hard and will face many challenges, where people who seek this type of career just to earn a lot of money quickly, will not want face. If you are looking for a job where you don’t find many challenges, this type of service is not recommended for you. But if you love what you have designed and are willing to risk it, this job is a great option. When you work on your own projects, deal with your own partners, you can design your own work-life balance life :

As already mentioned, you will have to invest a lot of time, effort, and energy in your project, as well as money that will also be needed. You will know more about yourself and be convinced of what you are doing, and you will also have the satisfaction of loving what you do, and your customers will have a positive view of you for the long term.

Unlike a common company, where the functions and interactions of the employees present in it are regulated by organizational charts and the manager is the one who decides what should be done and the employees carry out what was asked, an entrepreneur is always wondering if his product or service, will be meeting the needs of their customers, or if customers are willing to accept the value offered.

To become a good entrepreneur, you have to have enough motivation so that you can achieve your big goals, with each passing day. You must also have the ability to evaluate your work and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Some entrepreneurs don’t even sleep, as they spend the whole night thinking about their projects. It is because of these reasons that you must be a strong person to enter an entrepreneurial career.

Self employed expatriates: sacrifices vs work-life balance

Entering an entrepreneurial career can be one of the best ways you can have the ability to take control of your life and become someone financially independent. You will have to go through several years of sacrifices, face many challenges, and the necessary strong personal involvement, but remember that in the future, it will all be worth it. Working as an entrepreneur, you will be able to manage your schedules and you will not need to answer anyone, as long as your customers are satisfied with the products and services you offer them.

Something important for you to know is that when you get your first earnings, you can reinvest the earned earnings so that you can make your company grow, even more, delegate a part of your work, hire or build a team. And so you will have a business that will be improving your life.

Guillaume Rondan, the founder of Movetoasia

After a few years, when you are more adapted to the way you work, you will have the opportunity to spend only 4 hours a week working on your business and the rest taking the opportunity to do what you have always dreamed of and what you like most, without worry about the amount of money you will have spent on travel, or practicing something you enjoy.

Vietnam: a great country to start being an entrepreneur ?

After we tell you about the possibility of earning a bigger profit by changing your work career and why the entrepreneurial career is one of the best options, we will be explaining to you what Vietnam has to do with all this and why it is one of the countries you should choose.

The quality of life that this country offers, the ease of starting your own business, the economic dynamism you have, and the entrepreneurial spirit that is present in society, these are the main reasons that have made several entrepreneurs startups. The friendliness present in the Vietnamese people, the cost of living that the place offers, the country’s growth, and opportunities are the key factors for the studies done to know about life in Vietnam. Being an entrepreneur in Vietnam is a perfect combination of all these qualities, and anyone who lives there can thrive in their business and personal life. Learn more about Guillaume’s project on Movetoasia about page.

With this, we see that a good start to an entrepreneurial career would be to start creating your project in Vietnam. Remembering that it is not because Vietnam has all these characteristics that on the first day of your career you will become a rich businessman, but that in this country you will find it easier to grow your business. We hope that we have helped you and wish you luck in your entrepreneurial career or any other career that is changing to have a better life.