Idyllic Hanoi streets in Marguerite daisy season

The image of a bicycle loaded with the vivid pure white daisy roaming on streets helps create a unique charm of the capital city.


In late October, when the cold breezes convey a message that winter is approaching and announce the arrival of the Marguerite daisy season in Hanoi.

The non-scented wildflower with pure white petals and bright yellow pistils that grows in clusters has been captivating the hearts of Hanoians for decades.
In late Autumn and early Winter, the streets of the capital city are filled with the pure white color of this delicate simple yet charming daisy.
Marguerite daisies are stacked on the shoulder-pole carts or bicycles of flower vendors who roam around the streets of Hanoi, selling the beautiful daisy to local flower lovers.
The wildflower shows off its idyllic beauty under the honey-like golden sunshine of Hanoi’s autumn, touching so many romantic hearts.

In Hanoi, Marguerite daisies are grown in many places such as Nhat Tan Flower Garden, Red River Rock Flower Garden, Tay Tuu Flower Village and flower fields in Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District.

The season of Marguerite daisy is quite short, just about three weeks, thus, it seems that nobody wants to miss the gorgeous moment to enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

It is familiar to see local young people taking beautiful photo shoots with daisies on the streets, creating peaceful moments in the hustle and bustle of the city. 

It is unknown when the people of the capital became familiar with this wildflower which is originated from Spain.

The blooming season of Marguerite daisy marks the transition from Autumn to Winter in Hanoi. Every year, the little daisies are welcomed by Hanoians, as if they welcome their precious friends back from afar.