Nguyen Phuc Luu, Director of the UNESCO Centre for Culture and Sport Development under the Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations, expressed that the festival’s objective is to acknowledge the cultural heritage values of Vietnam in order to enhance the sustainable preservation and promotion of those values. Additionally, it serves as an opportunity to introduce the UNESCO-recognized intangible cultural heritage elements of Vietnam, as well as others, to the general public, including foreigners in Hanoi.

The festival, which spans two days and is held in conjunction with Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (November 23), offers visitors unique experiences through special performances of traditional arts such as Then, Van, Bai Choi, Quan ho, Cheo, Vi Dam, Tru, and Xam singing genres. Various folk games, such as tug of war and stick pushing, along with a demonstration on how to make “to he” (toy figurines), and a calligraphy exhibition, are also part of the event.

The festival also aims to improve the community’s awareness and sense of responsibility towards the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage values. It seeks to foster cooperation in the sustainable development of heritage tourism among different regions and facilitate the sharing of experiences in managing, preserving, and utilizing cultural heritage values, emphasized Luu.

The event is co-organized by the UNESCO Centre for Culture and Sport Development and the Thang Long Heritage Conservation Centre in Hanoi.