The festival is also held to support local tourism, gather resources for developing tourism infrastructure, and raise public awareness of tourism development.

The festival will feature various activities, including the Khmer long boat race, Moon worshipping ritual, performance of water lanterns, OCOP fair, street food festival, and art exhibition.

Moreover, there will be a ceremony to announce the Guinness Vietnam Record for the largest painting made from ST rice in the country.

Ok Om Bok is one of the three major festivals celebrated annually by the Khmer people, along with Sene Dolta and Chol Chnam Thmay. It occurs on the full moon of the 10th lunar month, marking the transition from the rainy season to the dry season and from the growing season to the harvest season.

The Khmer believe that the Moon is a deity who controls the weather and crop growth throughout the year. During Ok Om Bok, the Khmer people offer agricultural products as a gratitude for the blessings of favorable weather and bountiful harvests.