The method of dyeing fabrics from many herbs is reminiscent of the dyeing and weaving craft that has existed among the Vietnamese people since ancient times.

With the theme "Natural colours", the exhibition displays many ancient costumes such as: Ao ngu than (traditional five-flap dress) dyed from pomegranate peel and alum; indigo-dyed robes; ao dai (traditional Vietnamese long dress) dyed from eagletree leaves and iron salt; and 27 pieces of cloth woven from silk cocoons and dyed with herbs. The ancient costumes clearly showing the traditional beauty of Vietnam’s ancient clothes through the periods.

The silhouette of Vietnamese ancient clothes dyed from herbs.

In addition, Ba Ngan Art Exhibition Hall is also organising the re-enactment of Vietnamese antiques in a space titled "Heritage region; series of photo tours of ancient costumes", thereby, aiming to share the values of fabric dyeing and traditional craft weaving with bold culture and national identity for the young generation. Combined introduction of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage -Trang An; famous scenic destinations, landscapes and historical sites in Ninh Binh Province.

The exhibition will run until July 20.