The crackdown, running from November 1 to December 31, aims to ensure traffic safety and order during the usual year-end increase in transport.

Accordingly, traffic police officers are authorised to stop any vehicle to check whether the drivers have sufficient documents in accordance with the current laws on road traffic, including vehicle registration certificates, driving licences, certificates of technical safety and environmental protection inspection, civil liability insurance, and other necessary paperwork such as a permit for transporting dangerous goods.

They will also measure the drug and alcohol concentration of drivers, and stop teenagers or underage drivers from using motorbikes without a license.

As for passenger transport vehicles, traffic police officers will strictly deal with common violations such as illegally stopping and parking, picking up or dropping off passengers at wrong places, carrying more people than permitted, and not running on their assigned routes, among others.

They will also strictly handle motorbike divers who gather in groups and violate public security and create public disorder, as well as drivers who change the paint colour, brand, frame, shape and size of their vehicles.

In the first eight months of the year, city traffic police handled more than 59,000 traffic violations, and nearly 18,000 of them received administrative fines.

Around 1,935 traffic accidents were reported, causing 343 fatalities and injuring 1,372 people.

Compared with the figures in the same period last year, the number of traffic accidents fell by 328 or 17 per cent, deaths by 69 or 17 per cent, and injured victims by 217 or 13 per cent.

This article was originally published on Vietnamnews