Hanoians enjoy visiting one of the oldest flower markets in Hang Luoc street, which is held annually on the occasion of the traditional Tet holiday. This is an elegant hobby of Hanoians before the Lunar New Year.

 Many visitors to the traditional flower market wear face masks as regulated to prevent Covid-19 transmission risks.
 Functional forces supervise the Covid-19 prevention rule compliance at the market.
 Local visitors not only shop peach flowers, kumquat and ornamental trees but also enjoy the Tet atmosphere at the market. 
 The flower market in Hang Luoc street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter was established over 100 years. It is considered as the oldest flower market in the capital.
 Local sellers on the street are busily preparing flower pots for sales. 
 Peach blossoms sold at the market come from the Nhat Tan Village, which is famous for its time-honored flower cultivation, and some outlying districts.
 A girl has her photos taken at the market. 
  For Hanoians, visiting Hang Luoc flower market as Tet is approaching is an elegant hobby.