Hanoi is taking actions to implement effectively the Resolution adopted at the 9th session of the 11th Party Central Committee on the building and development of the Vietnamese culture and people to meet the country’s sustainable development requirements.

Hanoi had organized many meaningful cultural events duiring the last year. Photo: Pham Hung

Hanoi People’s Committee will enhance the leadership of the Party; promote and raise awareness on the role of culture in the country’s construction and defense; disseminates the cultural construction and development based on the inherited traditions and cultural values to meet requirements in the current context of the city and other localities, agencies or units; and focus on the specificity of culture, ensuring the Party’s political and ideological orientations and encouraging the creativity of individuals.

The committee will also implement tasks and solutions to improve the efficiency of the state management; build a healthy cultural environment; develop culture in politics and economy and stimulate the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage values in the economic development, especially sustainable tourism to contribute promoting the image of the country and people of the capital in particular and the country in general.

The 1010th annivasary of Thang Long – Hanoi celebration is one among key events were organised by Hanoi’s authority in 2020. Photo: Pham Hung.

Thereby, programs to restore and preserve a number of traditional arts that are in danger of extinction as well as preserving and promoting cultural heritages of ethnic minorities, religion and beliefs will be implemented.

At the same time, the plan encourages and facilitates the artists’ creation of works with ideological and artistic value, the activities of literary and art associations, and the spread of popular arts and literature to the public, as well as invests more in theoretical research, literary criticism, and art.

The city will focus on developing the cultural industry along with building and completing the cultural market to actively integrate into the international culture and learn the cultural essence of humanity.

The committee aims to effectively implement the resolution to make a profound and comprehensive change for the culture development of the city in particular and the country in general.