Cultural resources include human resources, cultural heritage and products, and cultural infrastructure.

In order to optimise the resources, along with strengthening leadership and direction in the field, the city has rolled out many solutions in policy, planning, investment attraction, and personnel training, while building database and promoting its image.

It will also work to fulfil all commitments given while joining the UNESCO Creative City Network.

After two years of entering the network, Hanoi has effectively exploited its potentials and strengths in the field of creative design, conducting the construction of many innovative and creative works and projects, contributing to the formation of a modern infrastructure system and the development of creative spaces.

However, there is much for the city to do to turn cultural resources into strengths and motivation for its development. To date, the number of projects related to the building of creative city has remained modest. The city also lacks unique creative products, while firms engaging in the production and business related to cultural products are mostly of small scale. The cultural industry of Hanoi is still modest compared to other creative cities in the world. 

As scheduled, the city has only one year to fulfil its commitments stated in its dossiers for UNESCO Creative City Network.