With official co-operation from Drouot auction floor in France, the upcoming event in Hanoi can be considered the grandest art event ever to be held in the country.

The “Arts du Vietnam” will see the auction take place directly at the PI Auction House‘s floor in Hanoi, along with happening through the Drouot Digital platform in Paris.

It will feature over 150 artworks that stretch from the period of Indochina colonialism, through to resistance wars against foreign invaders, to the contemporary period.

Moreover, the event will be the first time that domestic artworks are introduced by Vietnamese auctioneers, with the aim of appealing to art lovers and major collectors worldwide.

By getting rid of their reliance on international auction floors, the move is expected to introduce Vietnamese artworks to a new market of international collectors, a step that is ultimately considered important for the local art market.

Originally founded by Napoleon I back in 1851, the Drouot auction floor began as a national French auction office and usually hosts gatherings of more than 200 auctioneers from around the world.

The artworks of the PI Auction House are to be displayed on Drouot at the address https://www.drouotonline.com/en/auctions/105843 or http://www.pi01.pionline.vn