Google Maps and some sticky situations

For those passionate about travelling, the search and navigation features of Google Maps are a godsend.

Google Maps and some sticky situations
The image of T.C, a backpacker who caught into an awkward situation when he was too trusting in Google Maps during his trip to the Central Highlands. — Photo

Like all technology though, Google Maps does mess up from time to time, and the consequences can be, well, messy.

A backpacker named TC was recently caught in an awkward situation when he put too much faith in Google Maps during his trip to the Central Highlands.

“I heard a lot of people telling their experiences which interested me. Then I decided to make a trip to the Central Highlands,” he posted on his Facebook.

“I tried to find the route by following Google Maps but ended up on a muddy road.”

The image he used along with the post was unforgettable, as the intrepid backpacker was caked in dirt after falling off his motorbike several times.

Netizens both mocked and sympathised with him, as while it may seem like TC did something daft, many people have been led astray by Google Maps.

A shipper named HD is another example.


Following navigations from Google Maps, HD eventually ended up in the middle of a field.

Because it was raining, the road he drove on was dirty. The slippery road caused him to lose control and the motorbike plunged into the field. He couldn’t pull his motorbike out to continue the journey.

Feeling helpless, he called for help on social media.

“Please help me! I’ve been stuck here for two hours. I was so stupid to use this road. I need two people to get my motorbike out of this area. I’ll give VND70,000 to each person. It’s about 100 metres off the main road,” said his post.

Later he escaped the nightmare with the support from some kind-hearted people, maybe without mud on his face, but certainly egg.  VNS