From plate to pillow: Vietnam’s imaginative rattan, bamboo creations

 Vietnam is world famous for its bamboo and rattan handicraft.

vietnams imaginative rattan bamboo creations

Talented Vietnamese artisans create an impressively wide range of bamboo and rattan products. They serve as papooses for young people on market days in mountainous areas, and through a variety of production methods, they are made into frames, baskets, large flat winnowing baskets, screens, mats, basket boats, as well as trunks, trays, chopsticks, plates, vases, tables, chairs, beds, pillows, cushions, mats, screens, and bamboo tape fans.

Bamboo and rattan are also used in souvenirs and keepsakes for wedding ceremonies, and musical instruments very often displaying high artistic value.

Rattan and bamboo handicrafts are not only sold domestically but also serve as important exports.

Pham Tiep