Four valleys to visit in Vietnam

Seeing the sea of clouds, admiring the beautiful ripe rice fields, and exploring primitive villages will be unforgettable experiences in these valleys of Vietnam.


The valleys with their pristine beauty attract many travelers. Leaving busy cities to come to majestic forests, visitors will experience peaceful moments.

Here, visitors can take photos in colorful flower gardens, capture the full view of the splendor of ripe rice fields, breathe the fresh air … The valleys of Muong Hoa, Tinh Yeu (Love), Mai Chau and Mu Nau are ideal suggestions.

1. Muong Hoa valley (Sa Pa)

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Located to the Southeast of Sa Pa town, Muong Hoa is one of the most poetic valleys in the mist. Covering the entire valley are blooming flowers, spreading fragrance all year round. During the ripe rice season, visitors have the opportunity to see yellow terraced fields here.

The valley is about 10 km from Sa Pa. The road from Sa Pa town to this valley is a real challenge for tourists. However, when entering the valley, they will be immersed in a peaceful space. The ancient rocks dating back to thousands of years ago are the highlight of Muong Hoa.

Good time to visit: March, May, August, September, October.

2. Valley of Love (Da Lat)

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In the 30s of the 20th century, the valley named Valley d’Amour, was the meeting point of French couples on weekends. Photo: Hoang Ha.

About 5 km north of Da Lat center, the poetic valley of Da Lat, which is called the “sad city,” has long been one of the most attractive destinations for tourists, especially couples. The site has hillsides with green pine forests all year round.

The valley has been recognized as a national tourist attraction since 1998, including works such as love mazes, love lock bridges, flower streams, public gardens … Amusement spots, flower pots, and ornamental plants there are all decorated with the meaning of love.

Here, visitors can camp, participate in many outdoor activities such as duck riding, horse riding, traveling by ancient car …

Good time to visit: All months of the year.

3. Mai Chau Valley (Hoa Binh)

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Mai Chau has many hotels, resorts, bungalows for tourists to choose. Photo: Apropositodemi, duc.van.cong_1997, jenny_vuthu, quang.quang.

About 140 km from Hanoi, Mai Chau valley lures visitors with the romantic scenery, filled with green mountains and forests, and a fresh and cool climate. In addition, the rustic look of villages, the Thai girls and the traditional xoe dance leave a beautiful impression on visitors.

Mai Chau town is quite small so tourists can rent a bicycle to ride around the villages. Thung Khe Pass, Lac village, Pom Coong, Mo Luong cave, and Pa Co fair are the destinations for the journey to Mai Chau.

Good time to visit: May, June.

4. Mu Nau plum valley (Son La)

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The pristine landscape, houses on stilts, white-blooming ban forest create a picture of the mountainous region. Photo: Thinhh.91, vitran16, minh_ltu, phonuitinhyeu88.

This is a trekking point that attracts many tourists in the highland town of Moc Chau (Son La). The “Moc Chau Roof” has a total area of over 200 hectares. Coming here, visitors will be amazed at the blend between the wild beauty of the primeval forest and the beautiful fairy-tale plum gardens.

The trekking route is about 10 km long. Visitors will cross the old forest, enjoy the fresh air, stop at the mossy rocks or the green grass. Every year, in the season of plum blossoms, the whole valley is covered in pure white.

Good time to visit: December-February.

Le Ha

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