National flag carrier Vietnam Airlines has announced that dozens of flights will take off from between 45 minutes to 5 hours 35 minutes earlier than scheduled to avoid the storm.

“There will be no flights taking off or landing after 6pm today, October 27,” the airline said.

As such, the flights being rescheduled on October 27 include VN1462, VN1463, VN1464, and VN1465 on Ho Chi Minh City – Quang Nam – Ho Chi Minh City route; VN1396 and VN1397 on Ho Chi Minh City – Quy Nhon – Ho Chi Minh City route; VN1558 and VN1559 on Hanoi-Khanh Hoa-Hanoi route; VN1348 and VN1349 on Ho Chi Minh City-Khanh Hoa- Ho Chi Minh City route; VN184, VN185, and VN188 on Hanoi-Danang-Hanoi route; VN1426 and VN1427on Hanoi – Gia Lai – Hanoi route; VN1377, VN1378, and VN1379 on Ho Chi Minh City-Hue-Ho Chi Minh City route; VN1416 and VN1417 on Ho Chi Minh City-Buon Me Thuot-Ho Chi Minh City route; VN1387 on Dalat-Ho Chi Minh City route; VN136 and VN141 on Ho Chi Minh City-Danang-Ho Chi Minh City route.

Budget airline Vietjet will also cancel and reschedule many flights to and from some central provinces including Quang Nam, Quang Binh, and Thua Thien-Hue.

“Two flights VJ519/508 on Hanoi-Danang-Hanoi will be cancelled,” the airline announced.

Meanwhile, some other flights including VJ382, VJ383, VJ308, VJ318, VJ313, and VJ315 will be rescheduled to avoid the storm.

Bamboo Airways has also announced to cancel flight QH170 from Ho Chi Minh City to Danang. Some other flights have been rescheduled including QH171, QH123, and QH124. The airline will conduct no flights after 7pm on October 27 until further notice.

The Hanoi Railway Corporation has announced to temporarily suspend some trains departing from Hanoi Station including the SE1 at 10.15 pm and SE3 at 7.25pm on October 27; and the SE7 at 6am on October 28.

At Sai Gon Station, SE4 departing at 9.55 pm on October 27 and SE8 departing at 6am on October 28 have also been cancelled.

Passengers are advised to contact the station to change the departure time or return their tickets.
According to the National Centre for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, Storm Molave will land in the central region of Vietnam on October 27 to 28.

It is expected that by 10 am on October 28, the storm’s eye will be right over waters close to the coastline from Da Nang city south to Phu Yen province, with winds in the eye reaching 100-135 kph and gust of up to 167-183 kph.

This article was originally published in Dtỉnews