First Ao Dai Museum in Saigon in a green setting

Founded by famous Vietnamese fashion designer Sy Hoang, Ao Dai Museum in HCMC’s District 9 is the first of its kind honoring the beauty and history of the traditional Vietnamese dress. The designer has spent 10 years completing the project of ao dai museum.

The ao dai museum is one of the two private museums in Saigon – PHOTOS: THANH HOA

The museum, which was put into operation in 2014, displays ao dai designs developed in different historical periods. Each ao dai showcased there has an interesting story.

The museum complex also features a green space which gives visitors an impression that they are very close to nature.

Inside the museum
Some ao dai designs on display
Tu than (four-part dress), commonly regarded as the predecessor of the ao dai, was popular in northern Vietnam
Several ao dai designs for royal members in Vietnam
Visitors can witness how ao dai is made
The museum with its greenery