Facebook, Messenger, Instagram disrupted: Here’s what you need to know

Aside from Vietnam, users in other Asian and European countries are sending plenty of reports of Messenger issues.


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Facebook-related apps collapsed on December 10. (Photo: Glassgowlive)

Facebook-related apps collapsed on December 10

Facebook services across Asia are being disrupted yesterday, causing users of Facebook itself, Facebook Messenger, and its sister services Instagram and WhatsApp to throw up error messages when attempting to post. Many Facebook Messenger and Instagram users were having trouble accessing their accounts or sending out messages on Thursday afternoon and evening, December 10, Rappler cited.

It’s also understood that mobile users are finding the app crashes when it encounters whatever is causing the problems. The outage seems to be affecting users in the United Kingdom and the bulk of mainland Europe, too, with reports as far west as Portugal and as far east as Romania. Incidents have also been reported in the Middle East, and Australia.

DownDetector’s map noted Manila as being a main portion of where the Messenger outage is located in Asia, alongside Singapore and Bangladesh. Manila, Singapore, and Delhi in India, meanwhile, also received numerous reports citing Instagram issues relating to its news feed.

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The company has been integrating Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs, which means an outage for one may mean an outage for the other, as well. (Photo: India News)

Response from Facebook

Soon after the accident, Facebook started working on fixing the issue and the users should be able to get access to Instagram and Facebook Messenger apps.

The outage comes just hours after 48 US States announced a class-action lawsuit to force the breakup of Facebook, including the disposal of Instagram and WhatsApp. The lawsuit alleges that Facebook identified Instagram and WhatsApp as threats to its monopoly power and acquired them instead of competing with them. In its public response, the company mentions that the transactions were intended to provide better products for the people who use them, and they unquestionably did do so, said XDA Developer.

Facebook says the disruptions have since been resolved. “Earlier today, some people have experienced trouble sending or receiving messages on Messenger, Instagram or Workplace Chat. The issue has since been resolved and we apologize for any inconvenience,” a Facebook spokesperson wrote in an email to The Verge.

Service outages happen every now and then, but the breadth of this latest disruption is in many ways Facebook’s own doing. The company has been integrating Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs. Now that they share infrastructure, it seems that an outage for one may mean an outage for the other, as well.