Exploring the Enchantment of an Ancient Vietnamese Communal House on the Banks of Hoan Kiem Lake

Exploring Hanoi's iconic lake, visitors should not miss the chance to see the century-old community house.


Together with the statue of King Le and Hoan Kiem Lake, the Nam Huong Community House forms a charming tourist cluster with cultural and historical significance on the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake.

Located in an architectural complex of three ancient structures, including King Le Thai To (also known as King Le Monument), Phuong Dinh (Square House), and Nam Huong Communal House, this site faces Hang Trong Street and is a popular attraction for both local and international visitors.

The ancient communal house, built at the end of the Le Dynasty, holds a significant place in Hanoi’s history. It worships three gods and two prominent figures from different dynasties. The house has two entrances, one facing Le Thai To Street and the other opening onto Hang Trong Street.

Dang Duc Phuong, Head of Nam Huong Communal House Management Subcommittee, describes the communal house as a special relic in Hanoi. The two-story building covers an area of 441.5 square meters and features an exhibition space on the first floor and a dedicated worship area on the second floor. The house showcases 19 ordination edicts from various dynasties, including the earliest one from the reign of King Canh Hung and the latest from the reign of King Bao Dai. It also houses many worship antiques.

Nam Huong Communal House underwent restoration in 2006, including the paving of the stone in the front yard, repair of the staircase, roof, and an old screen based on ancient royal architecture.

In the serene green courtyard of Nam Huong Communal House, visitors can find a stone-engraved poem by King Le Thai To. This historical and cultural relic site is a favorite destination for both locals and tourists.

Various pictures showcasing the restored Nam Huong Communal House are displayed below: